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Link-Local IPv6 Address

IPLC, Managed IP Transit, MPLS-VPN with Managed Service

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What we do

What we do

IP transit

The transit service is typically priced per megabit per second per month, and customers are often required to commit to a minimum volume of bandwidth, and usually to a minimum term of service as well. Some transit agreements provide "service-level agreements" which purport to offer money-back guarantees of performance between the customer's Internet connection and specific points on the Internet, typically major Internet exchange points within a continental geography such as North America. These service level agreements still provide only best-effort delivery since they do not guarantee service the other half of the way, from the Internet exchange point to the final destination.

Customer Support:

Technical Support Stuff are a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Multiple Redundancy:

Your service will be installed as per your proposed time with highest priority. Most service installations average just 7 days on our secured network and multiple layers of redundancy.

“We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.”

About us

Apple Communication Ltd (ACL) a fast paced dynamic private sector IIG (International Internet Gateway) operator in Bangladesh. As an IIG operator, ACL provides international internet connectivity to ISP (Internet Service Providers) or ANS (Access Network Service) operators in Bangladesh through ITC (International Terrestrial Cable) as per BTRC regulation and policies. ACL announced its soft launch on January 2013 with redundancy in every platform of hardware equipment, power, backbone, link and customer service.


Our Telecom and IT professionals have come up with the concept of shaping the industry in a broad way. Highly skilled and knowledgeable entrepreneurs are dreaming of the agglomeration of Telco and IT industry to be booming in recent years. Therefore we don’t compromise with the quality of service. ACL is committed through operational excellence, technological innovation and continuation of improvement. Our NOC (Network Operation Centre) at Gulshan-1 currently at Dhaka will spread its operation throughout the nation. Our planning, operation, implementation, maintenance, support, marketing and finance all departments focus on our services.


2013 has two relevant opportunities for Telco and IT industry. Those are, 7.5 million data user which expect to grow up in a geometric progression and launching of 3 G will open the door of live video streaming. Both the services related with greater internet bandwidth. Our mission is to provide sustainable standard bandwidth as per market demand.


Since Bangladesh is a developing country having its population of 16 crore, where development in Telco and IT sector is remarkable as well. Competitive market scenario encompasses market regulations divert to the service level that has an impact in all industry. Emerging market potential and boost economy is major focus of it. Access to the internet has become the most important part of Telco industry now a days, where it has become a basic need of every subscriber. Day by day data penetration is increasing in a geometric progression. With a current data penetration of more than 7.5 million individual subscriber driving data market who are prime focus now. This diversity of enlarged market got huge potentials that might grow up more. Dynamic change in “access to internet” with broader transmission path will encompass the opportunity of data centre based businesses for example call centre, outsourcing of freelancing tasks, telemedicine, IP TV, IP Phone, software development, e-commerce, e- governance, e-banking and Stock Market. Its contribution to the economy in indirect sense got greater numeric value, which will be reflected in GDP. Here lays the vision of the company.


Our objective is to derive and develop latest technology as well as all resources of the company in such a way that can feed the market demand as of its requirement.

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Apple Communication Ltd.

House # 61, Road # 08, Banani, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.

Phone : 9858114

Fax : +17405000073


Helpline: 01727777459, 01955550527 (24/7)

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year


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